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Smart Home - Automation

Let us bring your home to a new era!

Smart TV Environment - Home Theater

Installing a TV system that can display your favorite TV shows and Movies can be a daunting task.

Setup of Streaming Services such as Hulu™, Netflix™ and Amazon™ Prime Video.

Amazon Prime

Setup of Home Media Servers such as Plex™ or Kodi™. We can do this under a Network Server or your own PC!


We support any brand of TV and can work under Apple TV or Android TV Environments

Apple TV
Android TV
Smart TV Services

Smart Lights and blinds

Let us ensure that the mood and lighting is always on point! We setup interior and exterior smart lights and smart blind systems.

Setting up automatic lights and blinds in your home increases security and can also save you on your electrical bill.

Have your exterior lights turn up at nights, or the blinds close automatically during a hot summer day to save on cooling cost, the possibilities are endless.

The systems are scalable so you can start from a single room, a couple of lights or your whole home.

Lights can be set on a schedule, turned on from your mobile device, with your voice and from the switch on the wall.

We support any system that can be controlled under Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple Homekit

Smart Lights and Blinds
Amazon Alexa
Google Home
Apple HomeKit

Multi-Room Audio

Create a music environment that can reach every corner of your home

Multi-Room audio systems have existed for a while, but they have never been as powerful or as affordable as they are today.

Through the use of music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Google Play Music and Deezer you can have a world renown library that was only a dream a decade ago.

Google Play Music.png
Multi Room Audio

Furthermore the use of digital signals ensure that a true lossless audio can be played without delay or noise.

We proudly work with brands such as Bose, Yamaha nad Denon

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